Nerdy New Year Resolutions

Nerdy New Year Resolutions

1)      Write an epic poem starring myself, my friends, and all our pets.

2)      Pick one planet in our solar system and one exoplanet, become a know-it-all about each.

3)      Select a topic offered by Kahn Academy that I know nothing about, and complete all courses offered.

4)      Create my own board or card game (something on par with Settlers of Catan or Magic: The Gathering) again starring myself, my friends, and all our pets.

5)      Attend a ‘First Friday’ at four museums I’ve never visited.

6)      Pick one marsupial and one monotreme, become an expert on each.

7)      Select my Halloween costume by the end of February, build a working prototype by July, and complete testing and final assemblage in September.

8)      Create a hilarious meme that makes it onto George Takei’s Facebook page.

9)      Visit five places Huell Howser profiled on California’s Gold!

10)   Attend an episode filming of The Big Bang Theory, and ask Kaley Cuoco to take a picture of me with Mayim Bialik.